Saturday, 4 September 2010

Vamos a Mallorca!

photo - cala santanyi
Tomorrow we are finally off to Mallorca.

August was a long month. DH and I learned that we do not much like being house guests and we do need our space and privacy. We also learned that we are not ready to have dogs, as much as I would love some animals they are a tie and they are really dependants.

Now we are finally free.

So first stop is Santanyi in the south east of the island. I checked the weather forecast and it is 28 degrees c out there at the moment. For the first few weeks we are just going to have a "holiday". Thereafter when the weather cools we are hoping to go hiking up at the north west of the island and have a look around for a base.

I have bought a one way ticket. There is no return date planned.

Hasta la vista :)


Anna said...

Fantastic! Our escape won't be for 18 months - boo! But what have you done with your stuff? (Did I miss a post?) And are you looking for an apartment to rent? No, I don't think I'd want to house sit - doesn't feel like enough freedom to me!

Dreamer said...

Hi Anna - we have put our stuff in storage and we are living out of two suitcases. I'm not really sure how long we will be here, we are going to rent an apartment short term initially and see whether we want to commit to a longer lease.

Just takin it day by day at the mo :)