Saturday, 11 September 2010

something doesnt feel right

I think that next week is week 7 since the escape. It still feels great to be free.

The mornings are wonderful. I drink lots of coffee in the morning and sit on my balcony overlooking beautiful turquoise clear water. Santanyi is indeed beautiful and looks even better in reality than in photos. I can go for a run in the morning and snorkil and eat tapas for lunch. The weather is beutiful and still relatively hot. Either it is cooling down or we are aclimatizing as I never would have thought that we would be able to run in temperatures of 28c albeit we choose a route which affords us some cover from the pine trees.

But I still dont feel "at one". I have tried to analyze these feelings and what comes to mind is that I am fed up of living out of a suitcase, I am fed up of living in hotels. We really need a base of some sort. To get what we really want we would need to comit to a six month lease and well, im just not sure I want to stay on the island that long.

Also, there are still quite a few tourists here at the moment and perhaps I am just not getting the tranquility and peace that I still crave.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this was never about travelling, I dislike travel for travels sake. This was about escaping the 9 - 5 grind and finding somewhere.

Next week we move to a different part of the island, somewhere which is supposed to be bohemian and laid back, perhaps that will suit us better.


Jerry Critter said...

In the grand scheme of things, you are still at the very beginning. 7 weeks is not a long time. You have accomplished your first goal. You have escaped the 9 to 5.

Now you are looking for the "somewhere". Don't rush. Enjoy the search. Sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.

Alice ~ writer, dreamer, traveller ~ said...

I absolutely agree with Jerry... when we 'escaped' our life, I remember that a few weeks in and we were twiddling our thumbs wondering what to do... it was as if we needed 'something' but we just couldn't work out exactly what. This is when we decided to embark on volunteering/finding out more first-hand about the lifestyle we were in search of. I think the thing is that you cannot underestimate the level of change you have just undergone. To go from one extreme to the other can bring really peculiar feelings, but really really really try not to rush into putting down roots - even if only for six months. In my opinion this is early days and these feelings are so normal, but just breathe. And breathe some more... take this time to really try to slow yourself down and allow honesty about how you feel/what you're searching for etc.

I am watching your journey unfold with interest - and now I finally have superb internet on the boat so I can catch up more often!!!!

Enjoy these lazy days x

PS. thank you for the comment on my blog - of course we will keep in touch :-) x

Dreamer said...

Thanks guys for your comments they are always read and always appreciated even though I cant always respond as fully as I would like what wtih the patchy internet connection :)