Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Back to Ibiza

Well the last few weeks have been difficult.

Both DH and I have had a huge crisis of confidence about exactly what the hell we are doing, where we are going with our lives etc.

At the most basic level we are incredibly bored. We lack purpose and direction. We both miss a sense of achievement and having something to focus on.

When you dont work there is a HUGE amount of free time to fill. We have found that hobbies and outdoor activities only take you so far. DH is really struggling with having lots of unstructured free time. He doesnt like it, he needs something to do everyday.

We have been unable to secure the casual work that we had hoped for. The economy is fucked. What is the point of being in the UK if we cannot work? This is the question we ask ourselves.

So we got on a flight and came back to Ibiza.