Friday, 17 September 2010

A cloud appears

photo - cala pi
Well this morning we got up and looked out of the window and it was cloudy!

Great we thought. So after the obligatory four cups of coffee we strapped on our walking boots. I wanted to head for cala pi which I heard was a beauty spot with a 3 hour hike nearby.

Cala Pi is lovely, crystal clear water, quiet little beach with a few sailing boats moored. I said to DH that we needed a boat and I want to learn how to sail a boat.

Well, it might have started out cloudy but it was humid, apparently 70% humidity. Anyway we started out coastal walk but after an hour it became obvious that it was still too hot and then the sun started to come out. We started back on our return. Trying to walk/hike in the heat is not a good idea, for one thing you can never carry enough water with you.

After cutting the walk short we walked back down to the beach and literally ran into the water. Never has a swim felt so wonderful.

The photo above is for Frank C who wanted more photos.


Frank C said...

This island seems to be a very nice place, it looks like paradise. Here i was thinking it was more like a desert area being kind of a small area and thought there where few people.

Maybe Winters here are better,maybe you can visit later.

When you get to your new location show us a photo of that place.

Photos work great, looks like Peter Pan would live on this island, but what would i know.

Have fun, Frank.

Dreamer said...

Frank you are right, it is paradise, but its an expensive paradise :( The attraction for us to the island is that you get the best of both the beach and the great outdoors. You have to know where to go though, a lot of places on the island are not nice some tourist haunts brash and braudy, but there remain a lot of tranquil spots off the beaten track.