Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hay mucho color acqui!

It is very hot here.

It appears to be getting hotter not cooler. The last few days have been in the early thirties, some days 35 degrees c. Too hot to do much, certainly too hot to go hiking or to go running. It has become very wearing.

According to the weather forcast we were supposed to have rain and clouds. No sign of any rain or clouds.

By now I would have expected it to be cooling down.

We are thinking about returning to the UK. If we did that then we could always return here later on in the year when it cools down, or go somewhere cooler.

DH and I are not really sunworshippers,we came here for the laid back lifestyle and the great outdoors, well its really too hot to enjoy the outdoors. There is a lot to be said for living in a temperate climate.

I'm not having a moan, I am so thankful for the escape from the grind, and well you cant have everything :)


Alice ~ writer, dreamer, traveller ~ said...

I hear you... I remember being in Spain in the heat of the summer and thinking "this is more debilitating than rain" ... there certainly is a lot to be said for a more temperate climate. Actually one of the reasons we eventually returned to the UK.

However, if you love the great outdoors and want to escape life some more, why don't you consider somewhere remote yet beautiful in say, France or Northern Spain? I'm sure you could easily find a wonderful cheap rental or something in maybe the Auvergne and enjoy plenty of walking whilst still feeling a million miles away from the old life? Or maybe the Pyrenees. We fell in love with an area SW of Toulouse... beautiful.

Don't rush into anything, but seriously - if the heat bothers you that much (which I can TOTALLY understand) then just amend things a bit. I think you still need some time out of the UK personally. But that is only my opinion ;-) xxx

Anna said...

I agree with Alice about time out of the UK :-) What about trying the north region of Spain? Asturias - I've read really great reports of it - wild and unspoilt - and I guess, much cooler.

Frank C said...

Go to that's Weather Underground. You can type in a location for the weather.

Then scroll down a little and you'll see - Check weather history for this location.

Then click custom menu - so you can get the history for that whole year, enter January-1 to December-31 and the year. It will show each month with temp High Aver Low and Humidity.

It's a great toll for when you want to move between climates or for RVing, boating, or running away.

You fan, Frank C.

Frank C said...

I was trying to type tool not toll, i don,t type good.

But could you maybe try to show more photos i think that would be really cool if you could. Just an idea of course it's up to you.

Well take it easy, I'm sure you'll find that special place in life, remember everything takes time.

Bye, Frank C

Dreamer said...

Alice yes exactly spot on, bring on the rain eh? We were thinking about northern spain actually, I've never been to france, DH and I were wondering whether to go back and get the car and drive over on the ferry to northern spain xx

Anna, thanks for the suggestion,I've just looked up asturias looks like our cup of tea :)

Hi Frank, thanks for the suggestion, and I'll try to post more pictures :)