Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tuesday thoughts

Well its another beautiful day on the island.

Today I woke up and opened the shutters and the sun was shinning, the birds were singing, the pine trees were blowing in the wind and I could see the turquoise sea from my window. I could hear merange music being played softly by the cafe downstairs.

And I thought, it really doesn't get much better than this.

Last night was a late one, seafood at my favourite restaurant followed by some good entertainment and dancing around the corner. Again I marvel at my ability here to have a good night out without being skint and hung over the next morning.

My husband has left after his two week holiday here, we had a great time, some days it was cool enough for us to go on long walks into the forest and mountains. We also took the ferry to the island of Formentera, a small island 25 mins south of Ibiza. Formentera was beautiful, it looked and felt more like a Caribbean island than a Spanish one.

But I have realised that I need something to do, I cant imagine not working ever again.  I like to keep busy. I do need an outlet or a sense of purpose. I have lots of business ideas, but every time I mention them to my husband he just seems completely uninterested. For example I would really love to run a restaurant, perhaps we could purchase a lease somewhere to see how we get on. I also have an idea about being a beach hut barman/woman. My husband thinks it is "easier" to work behind a desk. I have a lot of mental energy, I am a fighter, I need to fight and I cant fight the demons behind a desk I need to do something physical. Yes we may be able to earn a more money behind a desk (although in this economy that is debatable) but that is not what this is about. I realise that catering/hospitality can be hard work but so is sitting behind a desk in a stressful job slowly having the life sucked out of you. I would love to give it a go.

Now more than ever I am determined to cut the chains and break into a new way of living. Come August/September at the latest we are out of there.


Betty said...

My husband and, I wanted something different and, opened a pizza restaurant.

In the beginning it was fun. After we went through several employees, had money stolen, no shows, more work than workers, we quit.

The money wasn't impressive either.
Time off was hard to come by. If we did take time off we worried our employees were stealing and, not taking good care of the customers.

The Quest said...

I can completely relate to your wanting to live a different life, one that satisfies you and gives you a sense of purpose.

I think that without a sense of purpose, life becomes meaningless. I mean, why have we been given another day if we are not going to do something with it, enforce some kind of change, live a better life, a more sustainable life, a happier life? I struggle with this daily right now.

Inner demons are so destructive. I am STILL trying to conquer mine but if you think that you have a plan to make your life more enjoyable with a way to put those demons away in their place, then I say GO for it.

WeeMike said...

Sounds an amazing view you have, wish I could see it, maybe you could take a pic? :)

If you've got a set of skills you can fall back on, I'd say go for it and try something new, regardless of how it turns out, it won't be right or wrong, it'll just be an experience.

And at the end of it all, that's what we are here for, to have experiences, so I say why not make them exciting?

I think this can explain what I am trying to say better than anything...


Go have a look at it, I think you'll enjoy the words right now....


Dreamer said...

Betty, thank you for your comment, you have really made me think twice, I understand what you mean about time off, I think that is a really important point that I probably did not previously appreciate.

Quest, for me the demons require constant vigilence, I think I have them under control then all of a sudden out of nowhere they come and floor me, recently it became clear to me that the source of a lot of my anxiety is fear of not being able to control the demons, because somehow I am still here, I think it was pure luck or some other intervention that the demons did not put me under permanently years ago. I have to try and ask a higher power for help.

Mike - Ahh I didnt take a camera but next time pictures I promise, I read the words, thanks they really spoke to me, life is a brief opportunity for joy as they say :)

Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds fantastic there. I'm hoping to take a break a little later in the year - so I'm now considering Ibiza. :) With regards work there - maybe just find a part-time job in a hotel or restaurant and see how it goes? Is there much work around there?