Sunday, 27 May 2012

Un lugar encantador

Well I've been here two weeks now and time has gone quickly.

I have lots to say, mostly about how I do love it here and how it is such a special place. There is something that keeps drawing me back here.

The good thing is that I was OK here on my own. I did not feel uncomfortable going out to eat by myself, it feels perfectly safe to go hiking or for a walk in the evening. I remember my first night here, I went to eat at a place I have been to before many times, a small restaurant overlooking the sea. Here the proprietor will stop and talk and sit with me and have a drink, we talk about the weather, about business, family etc, we speak in Spanglish but we get by.  The ambiente is real. I feel that I just want to melt into his table and never leave. Then after two and a half hours I left and as I walked passed a bar a familiar face called me in and we had a drink etc. I got home at 1 am, tired but so content. I spent the grand total of 15 Euros. I cant do things like that in the UK, I would never go out to eat on my own.

I have realised that I have got into such a rut in the UK, I have become almost  a recluse. It is so nice to be out and about talking to people, sometimes I don't see anyone for days on end apart from my husband who leaves at 7.00 am and walks back through the door at 8.00pm. It has made me realise that I do want a life where I am outdoors more, where the weather is better, where I can be at the coast, where I can eat out and it doesnt cost a fortune, where I can go out and speak to people, it doesnt have to be deep and meaningful conversations all the time, it is therapy for me just to interact with people.

But, by the middle of the first week I really started to miss my husband, at least he is here now for two weeks.

Sometimes I think I want to stay here forever, but then I wonder would it be enough, what would I "do" here, I think about asking one of my contacts for a job but then I chicken out.

I do see this place playing a central part of our future plans, I just don't know yet to what extent. I am here for two more weeks and I wonder, will I stay a bit longer or will I return as planned. I wonder whether I could tolerate the heat and the influx of people in July and August.


Frank C said...

Glad your happy, it's a change, the good life, maybe you found a place to relax for now, have fun.

Enjoy and be free.
Still reading, Frank C

Alice said...

everytime I read your words, they remind me of me. I too have decided I need a life more outdoors and around people, which is strange as I too consider myself a bit of a recluse!!! I return home today and I have gained so much from this experience, but still I wonder - what will happen next? I owe you an email to fill you in. Wishing you a wonderful two weeks with your husband x

Dreamer said...

Hi Frank thanks and so pleased you are still reading, I am free here, and relaxed and happy and yes it is good x

Alice, ditto :) I need to put myself out there more, I also miss having a sense of purpose and an outlet, so pleased you hear you have had a good time in Italy, looking forward to hearing more x

Anna said...

I have become a recluse too! It's so easy in the UK. There's nothing to do with other people if you don't want to eat late or get hammered.

The Quest said...

It sounds like you have found a lovely place in which you feel comfortable and that is priceless. I think many of us get into a rut and find it hard to get out, once jobs and family responsibilities are factored in. I think it's great that you can take off by yourself, do things by yourself and socialize. That is the best mental health therapy there is, I think. Enjoy your time there. Are you thinking about going back to work?

Dreamer said...

Anna, yes theres nothing for me there, I have come to the realisation that I am not mad, I feel it deep within that I need to do this to finally break the free of the chains once and for all, here the days are longer but so different, a night out doesnt mean going home skint or drunk

Quest, yes I've found a little place that is dear to my heart, I have missed socialising I sort of gave up on it writing myself off as a disillusioned loaner. Work well yes that deserves a post in itself, i want to work to have an outlet but not behind a desk if I can help it, I want to do something different, not behind a desk, I cant fight behind a desk.