Friday, 29 June 2012

The call of the island


So after my last post I am feeling a bit better about things.

I am going back to the island at the end of August. I have booked a two month stay. I have booked a one way flight.

I dont know what I am doing from November onwards, and I really dont want to think about having a plan at the moment. I am fed up of planning, for now I just want to go with the flow. I dont know whether I will stay on the island over the winter. I might stay on the island or I might go to the mainland, or I might go somewhere hot over the winter. I just dont know. I will see how it goes.

We still do not know when DH's job will come to an end. I am keen for him to squeeze as much money as he can from the gig. They want him to stay until they can find a permanent replacement for his position. The job could be all over by September or it could go on for a bit. If this happens then DH will come out regularly including for some long weekends. As he is a contractor he can more or less come and go as he pleases when it comes to time off. We had previously written this off as it appeared to be nearly impossible to get back to the UK in the winter. However, it turns out that British Airways have launched a new winter flight from London City airport direct to the island, so it can be done. 

If DH's gig remains ongoing into November then I will probably stay on the island until he is finished and we are ready to start the next stage of our life.


Jerry Critter said...

Well, you do have a plan, sort of. I hope he gets to visit often.

Frank C said...

Do your thing, you seem to have it all under control. Just like me.
I sold my house and bought a nice beautiful condo here in the Hawaii of the carribean, called Florida.

Look up Disney Typhoon Lagoon Theme Park, Wow! What a paradise, nothing better than a man made tropical lazy stream huge in size all around the park.

I wish you were here, without DH if you know what i mean. But then again that might be the Corona Extras talking now. I'm kind of drunk, but what the hell i feel great now.
I feel like we both think alike, but most of all you sound like one heck of a woman.

If your ever alone in life let me know, i think you can be my life vest and i can be your cruise ship.

Don't worry, not only am i good looking, but i also stay young and slim. I don't think that's the Coronas talking but who knows by that time.

God bless and remember don't fly too high.

Dreamer said...

Jerry, thanks I hope so too.

Frank, you make me smile :) Florida is nice, been there a few times. Corona Extras eh, never tried them, maybe if you are in Spain sometime you can buy me one, what the hell as you say :) I know you speak Spanish! As for flying high well, thats part of my problem I want to soar like a bird all of the time, why shouldnt life be like that?

Frank C said...

Not sure if i can board a flight from the Americas with just a Green Card i've had sence age 18, even from Canada, Mexico, or a cruise ship.

I've been too lazy to get my U.S. Citizenship because of a history test, but who doesn't hate a big history test plus the long drive needed.

Strage that my Ancestors are from Spain and i can even visit Cuba, but maybe not Spain, Wow! What a stange world.

When i said don't fly too high i was talking about any drinking, not life. With life you should always fly as high as you can.

Maybe will meet some day but without DH in your life, by that time will be old or found someone else. Who knows what the future will be.

Maybe Florida will be your knew home in the future and will both get wet at Typhoon Lagoon in their nice shady lazy stream.

Let me know when or if your ever single.

Going to fly now (with hang gliding), Frank.