Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Taking control of finances....

It constantly amazes me how little attention people pay to money.
Perhaps I'm the odd one. I confess that I think about money a lot. Some people don't think about it at all. Some people don't plan at all.
I think that lack of organisation and financial chaos often go hand in hand.
I had the opportunity of discussing finances with a colleague recently. She confessed that she has lived in a constant financial mess. She also mentioned that she does not plan ahead with anything including finances and seems to be bouncing from one crisis to another. I really wanted to help her but I did not want to appear a know it all or appear overbearing. So I just said that I found that the best tactic was to set a budget, and to write things down.
When will people realise that it really is a case of "your money or your life"?

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