Friday, 18 July 2008

Fed up

I'm fed up.

The escape seems such a big project, sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it.

I'm fed up of the office and I'm fed up of living in the city.

I'm fed of doing contract work. For the last two weeks i've had a chest infection. I am not well - what pisses me off is that if i dont work i dont get paid. Being the money grabbing person that I am I dont take time off, or much of it anyway.

Why do I have to be unconventional? Why cant I just be happy with my lot,

Yesterday I went to see a client in Yorkshire in the train. I saw a place that I had never heard of, very green, rural and less than 30 mins from the city. I told DH about and I started to get very excited. The cost of living would be a lot less than the city.

But, I dont know where I will be working in a few months time. Never mind what office, but what city? The liklihood is that I will have to work in another city, the market here is very tight at the moment.

I want to escape. Now.


Jack said...

I'm feeling pretty antsy as well. Can't help but count down the days/count up the cash as the calendar moves slowly towards the day of freedom. URGGGG...

I just tell myself to enjoy the NOW as much as possible. No sense in losing a year and a hald of my life waiting for something I can see just over the horizon.


The Executioner said...

Setting a long-term goal is nothing if not an exercise in patience and determination.

Good luck making your decision...

Claire said...


trouble is there doesnt seem to be anything about the NOW to enjoy.


i'm ok with determination but patience is not one of my strong points