Friday, 11 July 2008

I need to find a new job....

Today I had a meeting with my line manager at the firm.
He said that he had been told by the bosses that I wouldnt be required at the firm beyond September. He said that it wasnt his place to give me notice but he just thought I should be aware in case I wanted to make alternative arrangements.
I was slightly confused as this was all very vague. I appreciated the advance warning and guessed that I was probably on the way out anyway.
I tried to clarify exactly when he thought they would get rid of me and he said he didnt know, probably september some time.
Dilema. Do I stay put until they give me my one week's notice in september - or do I look for something else now? Aww, this is the part I hate about locum work - finding a new gig!


The Executioner said...

Oh no, sounds like you unintentionally jinxed yourself in your previous comment. Keep going into work every day, just do your job at less than optimal capacity. Take longer breaks, use work time to (discretely) look for a new job, etc. Maybe casually scoot out of the office a little bit early on Fridays.

Don't leave the position early and face a premature period of unemployment, though...cling to it as long as you can and extract the maximum pay from your current employer. Best to treat them the same way they choose to treat you...temporary and expendable. It's just business, nothing personal.

If you find a new gig in the meantime, then you can of course jump ship whenever it suits you.

Good luck.

Claire said...

Thanks Executioner - great advice!