Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New Directions

Well I am REALLY looking forward to going to Ibiza for a month. It will be a nice rest from cooking and cleaning etc. I have never wanted to be a house wife. Which way is the office? Only joking.

But seriously, I said to DH the other day that I would prefer to be the one going out to work and he could clean house, do endless chores and ensure that my evening meal is on the table. I hate cooking but I enjoy good food. I would love to eat out more but it is so expensive and I really begrudge paying lots of money for what is mediocre food at best.

We have decided that DH will come out for a holiday to visit me when I am in Ibiza.

DH is at last getting fed up of the office. So it is agreed that we are leaving the UK in August and we are going to be travelling indefinitely. Well it isn't so much going travelling but rather nomadic living as a lifestyle choice. The rough plan is that we will head over to northern Spain and in September we will make our way down to Portugal. We are going to load up the car and initially we are going to camp. Thereafter we hope to find somewhere nice to stay a while in Portugal and get some accommodation.

So that's the rough plan. It is a very rough plan but deliberately so. For a change we ARE going to go with the flow and not get obsessed about filling in the blanks and the future. I really want to try a different way of living.

I don't want to settle here in the UK. I don't want to buy a house here. I dont want to be tied down I want to be free to go where I please. That is the way I feel at the moment, whether that will change I don't know.


Alice said...

oh my gosh!!! everytime you post, I nod along... but this one I read out to my DH. It seems he too is tiring of life here, what with me about to head off to Italy... we may well see you down in Portugal later this year ;-)

Well done for making this no-plan. It sounds perfect to me...

Dreamer said...

Hi Alice, and this time we are sticking to it LOL, it would be great to see you in Portugal later in the year :)

Anna said...

I'm so excited for you - and to be reading this as it's always been our plan too (well, the original one)! How did we get so far away from it as to be going now for one more 6-month rental in the UK??? It's been so hard to make a decision - swinging all over the place but maybe now I'll be just 6-months behind you! Best of luck - and could you possibly post a bit more frequently for those of us for whom your trials and tribulations REALLY resonate :-)

Anna said...

Dreamer, sorry to use your comments page but Alice - I can no longer access your blog - have you changed the password???

The Quest said...

I'm happy to read that you and your DH have agreed on a travel plan together. Glad he's getting tired of the office LOL

I went to the movies a few months ago and saw that movie 'The Way' which is about the pilgrimage to Galicia in north western Spain (El Camino de Santiago)....that hike is on my bucket list. I wish I could go NOW but there's a possibility that I could go next summer. Have fun on your travels and post pics for us!