Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Its great to be free

We have now left the housesitting gig. It was nice to have a few weeks of rest and relaxation. We are now staying with a relative. We are certainly paying for our keep as we are doing some backbraking decorating work for a relative. 7 hour days of painting and decorating, phew.

But, it is still wonderful to be free. Today we gave ourselves a day off and went walking in the valley and Forest, the scenery is quite spectacular and the green green grass of home is strangely comforting but also reminiscent of the ghosts of the past.

I do feel different having escaped the grind. As DH and I drove into the area I became overwhelmed by how green the area was, I had forgotten that there were so many mountains or perhaps I never really saw them before. I was also struck by the colour of it all, as opposed to the concrete greyness of the city. Also the roads and streets are clean, in fact spotless.

Sometimes you have to go to come back.


Marj said...

Love the comment "Sometimes you have to go to come back." Good point, well made.

Alice ~ writer, dreamer, traveller ~ said...

so glad you are enjoying this journey... I think it's really interesting how you're feeling. I find myself (daily) going around thinking "why did I not notice this before???" I think you're right - we do have to go to come back and it's a good thing to explore this part of your yourself; I mean, that's what this journey is all about, right? escaping the life you hated and finding out who you really are, what you like and who you want to be :-) enjoy the green grass.