Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Country living

We are now house and dog sitting for friends in Cheshire.

It is so quiet and peaceful here. We are in a large detached house. Just across the road is beautiful countryside where we walk everyday. There is a river that we walk along. The water is clean and clear and not black liquid as it was in the city. It is so nice not to have to get in the car for an hour to drive to the countryside. DH and I have noticed that we are both sleeping through the night. I have an annoying sleep walking habit. Another thing I notice is that my acid reflux is much better.

The Lady of the house organised for us to receive an organic fruit and veg box and the stuff tastes fabulous. We have been making fresh soup. Lady also has a herb garden and we have been told to help ourselves. Lady has a cleaner who comes twice a week. I told Lady that there was no need for the cleaner to come whilst she was away as I was happy to keep things tidy etc but Lady insisted. Lady also insisted on ordering us fresh milk everyday from the milkman. Lady has been very kind and left us goodies like wine, chocolates and champagne etc.

I told DH that we cant get used to living like this because now we cant afford it!

This is so much better than city living. I feel far more chilled. Fresh air, I cant believe it. I feel like I am on holiday.

Now the dog, well he is a handful. He is not very old but he needs constant attention and he is very excitable, honestly it feels like a full time job looking after him. Its a good job that he is cute. I hadn't realised what a responsibility dogs are especially puppies.

I must admit that sitting in the family room watching the trees in the breeze made me wonder whether DH and I could have afforded to live like this. Well we could have perhaps just about but we cant anymore. I cant believe I thought that. No, we would both have to work like dogs for the rest of our lives.

We have made the right decision.


Anna said...

Sounds fantastic! Isn't it excitng to just BE. I am attracted to house-sitting but one drawback is that I and OH don't like dealing with pets! What a great houseperson to do all that for you. Here, in our urban apartment it is raining :-( and grey.

cher79 said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your new surroundings! It sounds wonderful:-)