Friday, 23 May 2008

Pay day

I got paid today.

I saved all of it save for £100.00 which I took out in cash.

The plan was to use this for shopping and other incidentals over the weekend and through the week. But I forgot it was a bankholiday, so it is not going to be enough depending on what we do.

Tomorrow night we could use some theatre vouchers we have to see a play for free. Before that we could go to the local wok fry place which does 2 courses for £7.00 before 7pm.

I will try and have a frugal weekend. I want my escape fund to grow.

Is any one else growing an escape fund?


PK said...

RE: you comment @ early retirement extreme


I’m a new graduate, with no student loans and no consumer debt. My parent’s gave me a little but I worked the rest.
I don’t do this, but I could and here’s how.

Rent a two bedroom, utilities included, apartment for $600 and get a roommate - $300
BTW it’s within walking distance of my job and a grocery store, it’s also on the metro bus line so for $3 round trip I can get anywhere in the city given enough time.
$6 a day for groceries - $180
10 trips a month on the bus - $30
$50 for the house necessities for cleaning etc.
$30 for a Sprint SERO plan (500 minutes, unlimited text and data, nights @ 7, & PCS2PCS)
Leaving $160 for whatever else that month.

claire said...


I can see with your scenario it is certainly doable.

Thanks for posting.


PK said...

NP, keep posting!