Friday, 23 May 2008

Job security - or lack of...

There have been some developments at work lately.

I wont go into the details but suffice to say the changes have involved a business restructure. Although I have been at this gig for 7 months, I am a locum, self employed to all intents, the firm only have to give me one weeks notice to get rid of me.

Yesterday the firm made some noises about me joining them as a permanent employee. I am trying to weigh up the pros and cons. The pros are job security, certainty and no more worrying about what I will do when this gig ends. The downsides are a lot less money and the probability that I would have to work on cases in a very specialised employment field, I am not keen on doing this as I think it would decrease my marketability.

I also like getting paid weekly. Its great for cash flow and budgeting. I think I would hate to go back to monthly pay. Mmmm, I think I will try and put the decision off for as long as I can. I do know that I DO NOT want to go back to a long commute. I live in the city and this job is a 2 minute walk. Unless they give me an ultimatum, then I will have to think again!

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