Monday, 27 February 2012

random stuff

I mentioned previously that I had been working. The role was meant to last for six weeks. It actually lasted for three and a half months. To my great surprise I really enjoyed the role. I enjoyed using my brain again and earning money. The work was interesting, the boss was fairly laid back. The real downside was that the journey to and from the office took a round trip of 8 hours. Because the role was so far away from "home" I had to stay in a hotel for at least 4 nights a week. Eventually I come to an agreement with the boss that I would work part time, just 2 days a week, but even that got too much for me. The problem was that they wanted me in the office every week. This is work that could easily be done on a lap top from home.  It was not necessary to be in the office every day, we don't see clients every day. I offered to work remotely and come into the office every other week but no deal.

So I left.

It  never ceases to amaze me that many employers today just don't move with the times, we still have this antiquated way of working of having to be in an office all day every day, its like an extension of school.

But now I regret it in a way because I am yet again extremely bored. So back to square one with a few more pounds in my pocket. I found that working was a great distraction from the nagging issues on my mind, such as why am I this way? who am I? where am I going? where will I end up? will it all crash and burn?

There is no work around here. I live in an economic black spot. A job at McDonalds is advertised and a thousand people apply for it. I've got no chance. I keep trying to get out of law but I keep getting sucked back in because legal employers are the only people who seem to be interested in paying for my labour.

DH is working again on a contract role, which may last for the next six months. DH enjoys working. But where does that leave me? I want to pack up and go get out of this country. What is there to stay for?

What I really want is a home somewhere with a bit of land. I want DH to finish work so we can explore Portugal in depth with a view to getting something or at least having a much better idea of what it has to offer. I've also got a plan to tour the west coast of the USA in an RV. I also want to go back to Ibiza. The problem is that DH says that we should earn money while we can, while we are still young enough, while our skills and experience are still in demand. I don't really know whether we want the same thing. I think he worries about money. Sometimes I worry about money, who doesn't? But when is enough enough? I think we need to be creating a different lifestyle rather than trying to obtain more money.

My attitude is more lets just go and makle it work somehow. Do or go under.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Alice said...

Well, you know I'm with you Dreamer. When is enough enough??? I too think it is working towards a different lifestyle that is the key. On that note, it looks like I am about to throw off the fear and head to Italy for a month - just me and my daughter - to volunteer at a place where they are living a different lifestyle. Perhaps you need to do the same? x

Jerry Critter said...

Enough is when you can live the way you want on the earnings of your capital.

Anna said...

I'm with you too! Like Alice said: how much is enough? It seems impossible for people these days to feel that they have enough. I think the whole concept of 'enough' has been eradicated: it doesn't fit with consumer capitalism. Hence the treadmill and the last one great thing that'll make us happy - just out of reach.

I agree with Alice on the question of adventure - why don't you just up and off? See where you land? In the sun of course!

Anonymous said...

As the old adage goes, "It's not what you do but with whom you do it." As soon as you find good friends, you will stay forever.

Frank C. said...

WOW!..To be or not to be, no. You must stay free if you can not find a place to be happy. If you do buy, make sure you really do your homework. Buy only when your needs are found. But you sound like some powerful search help is needed. Like some real estate agents, but not sure if you tried that.

It's sooooo hard to believe the U.S. wouldn't let you in, but yet, lets other countries in. Yet, England is the mother country, it's just not right.

I feel so sorry for you, your a good person and i know there would be many places here in the U.S. that would make you happy. Best of all it would cost little money with houses and land at an all time low. Even an RV or condo in front of the ocean beach would be great. I've even seen condos for as low as 55,000. foreclosed. Just think no yard work, a cup of coffee or tea with great ocean views.

Oh well. at least you can dream.
Maybe you should try getting in again, but try a better service using more money. Not sure if that would help.

Don't know what else to say, accept that i'm sad for you.
I really hope you find a nice home in Portugal or Spain so you'll be happy.

If you do, please, please, please, show us some photos. Make sure it's a small house for less work.

God bless ya, Frank C.