Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Society, your a crazy breed

Since The Escape I have had a lot of time to think and reflect.

I feel myself moving further and further away from the other world. I have a strong desire to spend more and more time in rural settings. I want to plan a road trip taking me to the west of the united states. I want big skies, isolation, scenery, no tourists. My ideal trip would be Idaho, Montana, Washington State, Oregon and maybe North California.

The more time I have for thought and reflection, the more my eyes open. We are ruled by banks and corporations, we have to suffer to politicians telling us that "we are all in this together" while their fellow fat cat politician cronies do their utmost to avoid taxes. No Mr Cameron we certainly are not all in this together so stop insulting our intelligence by telling us that we are.

I read somewhere that living as an iconoclast comes at great expense. There is a great cost for not conforming to group rules, and it makes sense that when a person is ostracized that she would be more likely to be depressed, anxious, or both.

I still feel the need to Escape Britain, I don't just want a holiday or a break, I want a somewhere and something sustainable. Am I searching for utopia?

Society, your a crazy breed
I hope your not lonely without me

You cant beat a bit of Eddie Vedder.


Alice Griffin said...

love love love this post! The minute I saw the title I connected... I love that song - it's one of our favourites, never fails to move me. I love that film; a little extreme, of course - but the meaning behind it rings true with us.

We are so ruled by banks and corporations! and yes, it is hard to stand out and yes, it can make a girl anxious, depressed or both... but when you find it, your place where you feel more in control and free (which you will) it is sweeter than anything else.

Keep going on your journey - it seems to me that you are finding where you need to be in your head, the physical location will come easily once that has been achieved :-) xxx

Tony said...

Couldn't agree more with you on this one. I have for some time realized that politicians are the puppets of the banks and big corporations. Of course we are the people who work all our lives to pay for the politicians expense accounts and the big company profits. And of course when the banks and biz get greedy, and the politicians screw up, the good old tax payer is there to pick up the pieces. After all, we can just tighten our belts and work another decade past our due retirement dates. I say this has to stop! It's only when people like yourself, say enough is enough, and take action, that anything will change.

UK has its advantages, but really, there are many better places to live, *but it depends on what you are looking for*.

Keep looking, and don't give up, you will find *your* utopia.

chrisjtaylor12 said...

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Frank C. said...

You have to make your own utopia with what you have. Just had my birthday now I'm 41 but I retired at age 40 with my house all paid for her in Florida. I feel so good that I don't have to work no more.

When I get older I also hope for government Social Security, Medicare, and something called Reverse Mortgage. The government will pay you a mortgage payment for your house while you still live in it during retirement age.

What more could you want, well I cheap RV in my van to Disney theme parks and water parks staying at
the cool Disney campground.

Resident yearly pass saves lots of money, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks alone is very very awesome.

This proves you don't need lots of money to be happy, Just make the best of what you have or get creative to save money.

I'm sure the U.K. must have fun places to see and do, plus you plan to visit other countries for 6months not bad at all.

I think every body looks for their utopia, trust me the U.K. can look like Las Vegas to other countries that are really really bad. I wish I could get you into the U.S. cause you sound like you would be happier here. But with my idea your husban would have to stay behind, lol , just joking.

Your fan bye, Frank C.

Anna said...

We are totally ruled by banks and corporations and public schoolboys! Keep going - it takes someone of extraordinary courage and vison to disengage from all the dross and go in search of something more meaningful.

sam said...

We often felt trapped living in the UK. Had to pay the taxes, had to work to pay the rent and basically felt we had to conform. We moved to rural Portugal and the relief was almost instant.We have found our piece of utopia. Ok, we still have to pay taxes but we are as self reliant as possible and boy does it feel good! Good luck.

Dreamer said...

Alice, the soundtrack is amazing, I like the film too. It is true, the sense of freedom from the grind is sweeter than anything x

Tony, spot on, what is the point in voting anymore? I havent voted for a long time, the system is fundamentally flawed, electing just another puppet for the corporations and banks doesnt change much.

Chris, stocks, I dont like risk!

Frank, you did good retired at 40 and house all paid for well done. Reverse mortgage, now thats something interesting to consider for DH and I if we ever bought another house and we go back and fourth about this issue every day! You are SO right that to a lot of people the UK looks like shangrila, I mustnt lose sight of that. Do you want a wife Frank? Me like green card :)

Anna, Thanks.

Sam, I love the idea of rural Portugal but my husband and I do not like the heat at all, so for us being hot as hell between May to sept/october is a huge drawback for us. I think that is something that we would not be willing to compromise on and therein lies the difficulty because most of places where the cost of living is very cheap have climate issues :(