Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I am feeling rather down at the moment.

I am not sure why I feel this way but something is missing. It feels like a hole or a void.

I feel overwhelmed. I am tired of feeling this way.

I don't know what to do to fix this. I just want some equilibrium.

It feels like I am descending into darkness again.

I wanted a new start, a new me, a new place. The old records again are playing in my head.

This just feels wrong.

Perhaps I need some counselling again.


Alice said...

Oh nooooo... I hope you're not in too much despair. I think that for anyone with the guts to do something as you have done, to leap right out of life into the unknown to follow your heart, well you have to be a creative thinking person. In my experience, this leaves you open to feeling like this. Because we are always pushing to know ourselves better, pushing to find something more... pushing to truly touch life - the very nature of this seems to breed feelings of being lost, confused, separated from the world.

It sounds to me like you need some kind of focus. I urge you to try and get involved with maybe a local volunteer project. How about learning within a permaculture community, or something land-based? I sense that you need to be with nature, you need to learn from people, you need to find something with more substance to grab onto?

I shall email later xxx

Jerry Critter said...

You sound homeless.

That's not necessarily a bad thing.

It is not an old record. It is a new record. It is just not properly recorded...yet! But it will be.

You are still searching, and it is only through searching that you will find.

ermine said...

Dreamer, keep the faith, and believe in you. I have known that place too, and counselling may help with getting a view.

You need to go within, and know yourself. It is not sufficent to know what you are running from, you need to find your values and meanings, what you are running to.

Your instincts are good, a pause is good. I spent too much time running at times, and only gained traction when much was lost, and I was forced to ask myself what I stand for, what my values were.

You can do this. It may not always seem that way, take small steps and they will build imperceptibly to a journey. I wish you well!

Frank C. said...

Remember that it's not just the final destination but the journey that also counts. Make everyday count and live it. Always keep your thoughts at a higher lever and rise to a new way of thinking.

Remeber that adventure starts from within a person not outside. Value your individuality, your self esteem, your new found freedom.

You are now in a position that people will envy careful to comform to public acceptance, belonging to a group or having to buy their badges of membership.

Most of the luxuries and many of the comforts of life are not only dispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.

Try to keep your living cost down and your retirement will stay, remember that a person in debt is a slave.

Stay free, bye - Frank

Ana said...

You're a great writer! I love your posts! I love the way you express your feelings! Go on! Congratulations! Follow me (:

Dreamer said...

Thank you for all your comments I appreciate each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

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