Saturday, 13 February 2010


The flat has SOLD!!!

I think it is just sinking in. The relief I feel is amazing. I feel like a huge monkey has climbed off my back.

We found a buyer last September and we only completed yesterday! Its been quite a stressful four months what with one thing and another. At times I wondered whether the sale would actually go through. I started to think it might never happen. I feel slightly duplicitous not sharing the news earlier but I wanted to announce it when it actually happened.

So whats next? Well now we are still living in the urban jungle but only for several more months and then we are out of here. We are still on track to escape in the autumn so hopefully its just a matter of putting things on automatic pilot.

Now I am completely debt free and I dont owe any one a single penny. I've been debt free for years in terms of consumer debt, ie credit card, loans etc but of course when you have a mortgage you are never really debt free.

I can almost feel the freedom.


Alice said...

woooohhhhhooooooaaaaa!!!!!! fabulous news. I know exactly what you mean about thinking it would never go through... our house took almost a year to sell when we 'escaped'. Let the path to freedom commence... can't wait to watch your next step. We too are 'hoping' to announce our next step soon, which we are hoping will be a good compromise taking into account everything we have learned throughout the past two years. Good luck to you! x

Jerry Critter said...

Congratulations on the sale. You are on your way!

Tony said...

Well done and Good luck! Let us know how things progress!

cher79 said...

Congratulations! I wish you the best of luck on leaving the 9 to5. Your blog is very inspiring :-)

Dreamer said...

Alice - Thanks! I am really looking forward to your announcement and hearing what your next steps are.

Jerry - Thanks! It almost feels like the final hurdle.

Tony- Thanks and will do.

Cher 70 Thanks and you are so kind.

laura said...

hi dreamer; how did I miss this.

Congratulations you're so on your way. Yay!! Inspiring :-)

MoneyBlogga said...

Hey Dreamer how's it going? Had to put my blog on private thanks to being discovered. Yikes LOL

Glad to read that you are on your way off to someplace else more exciting, inspiring, etc. Good for you and congrats on the sale. Debt free is where it's at. I only have mortgage debt but it's a small amount and will be paid off sooner rather than later.

Good luck to you!

Dreamer said...

Laura - Thanks :)

Moneyblogga! Really lovely to hear from you I noticed that you had dissappeared and I have been checking back on you, I wanted to e mail you but I didnt have your e mail address, I hope all is well with you.

Mike said...


Congratulations on the sale of your flat! I always love discovering other blogs/sites like this - I've got one of my own - since 2007. I also felt trapped in my 9-to-5 job and made the decision to work toward a better place (working for myself/financial freedom)

Writing in my blog helped inspire me and others to do something similar, and now, 3 years later, I actually have managed to escape (I started a small Web Development business last year) and couldn't be happier.

Sorry to ramble on, but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck!

Anna said...

Latecomer but just to say - fabulous! I will never forget the day we off-loaded our house - I felt as if I could do anything!!!