Thursday, 1 October 2009

Back from Ibiza

Just returned from a week's holiday in Ibiza.

We enjoyed our time in Ibiza, its a very pretty place, very hilly and green with fantastic scenery.

It could be a contender for an extended stay, everything was much cheaper than when we went to Greece in May.

Ibiza has a chilled out vibe, perhaps slightly bohemian in parts, that suits me.

We managed to get some hiking done, we hired a car and saw most of the island.

We stayed in an apartment overlooking the sea in the north of the island. We saw some great sunsets eating paella and drinking rioja.

Well, back to the grind for now.


Alice said...

ahhh, an extended stay on Ibiza. Nice. Maybe that should be the place where you could start your journey?

Dreamer said...

Alice - its certainly a contender. It was a bit hot for us - 30 degrees when we left and it was the last week in september! Plenty to do there though :)

TravelingOnTheOutskirts said...

Don't give up on your dream! I know how scary it can be - check out our website, we walked away from our "professional lives" too and although it's hard, I never thought I'd be as content as I am now. Things are NOT going as planned (lots of transmission and axle woes and we're still looking for our next job) but I'm not sad about it, more like, "ah well it'll work out" and I can't wait for the next turn! :) Keep the updates coming! :) ~Jesica~

Dreamer said...

Hi jessica

Great to hear from you - thanks for your comment - I am going over to your site now to take a look