Friday, 24 July 2009

Angry Britain

People in Britain are angry.

Yes you can walk around with a plastic smile on your face but I know that you are angry.

The disillusioned and discontented lurk beneath the false appearances.

Put down your tools people and look around you.

There are support clubs for the overeaters, alcoholics, gamblers etc but why no support groups for the disconnected and disenchanted? Lets all get together and have a moan, admit that we are fed up to the back teeth of the high cost of living and this dreary grey place. Then lets do something about it, like a mass exodus.

The minimum wage in Britain is something like £6.00 per hour, the average house price is in the region of £160,000. It wont change. The Government has a vested interest in keeping house prices artificially high. Can you think of a better way to keep the masses in check?

Things are getting worse. The social fabric in this country is a joke. Every day I pick up the paper and there are horror stories about knife crime and people being glassed. I'm afraid to go to crowded places anymore.

Its a long standing joke that the English like their drink. Yes, that's an understatement, they drink until they cant drink anymore.

I really don't want to have to be here.


Jack said...

Yeah, I've been seeing some pretty depressing things in the paper about what's going on across the pond. I just hope there will be a solution that works for everyone. And that it is implemented ASAP.


Dreamer said...

Jack - yes it is depressing, I hope for a solution too.