Saturday, 14 March 2009

Is this a revolution?

Will things ever be the same again?

Will there ever be a sustainable and secure way of living?

Will we ever have peace of mind?

Will we always have to put up with a transient and temporary lifestyle?

Will people still buy houses and put down roots or will they rent a house and rent a lifestyle?


Are we perpetually doomed to have to scrape together a living?

Are we always going to have to take contract work instead of permanent and long term stable employment?

Are we always going to have to live with economic uncertainty?

Is the concept of a vocation dead?

Just some thoughts I have had recently.


Anonymous said...

what's a 'reovolution'?

did you mean 'revolution'?

to answer your questions: yes to all of the above. you can have stability when you create your own life and are not dependent on anything other than yourself. that means: no government interference or dependency. once you figure that out, you'll be fine.

Dreamer said...

Thanks anonymous - ive corrected the spelling mistake.

Wise words - I am still trying to get the self sufficiency stage