Thursday, 20 November 2008

Rant of the day

Could someone please tell me what is the point of Law Fairs.

Given that there are not enough law jobs to go around in the first place what is the point of law firms going to law fairs and pretending that everything is great. Who organises these law fairs? The universities? Law schools?

I see hoards of twenty year olds carrying posh bags with well known big law firm logos on? What is the point of this when the market is saturated and there are no bloody jobs to go around? And how as a lawyer do you stand at your table/stand/etc and pretend that...........well just pretend!

For a moment I thought about standing outside and giving these students and hard dose of reality. But I didn't. They probably wouldn't have even listened. And why would they? If these students see the biggest and well known law firms at this law fair wouldn't they be entitled to assume that their services would be in demand as a Lawyer?

That's all.


MoneyBlogga said...

Wow is the legal profession hurting over there or what? What is the deal? Outsourcing or too many grads?

Dreamer said...

Hi Moneyblogga

Yeah is supply and demand. There is an oversupply of new graduates. One of the problem with this is that it is pushing salaries down, so you get to the point where you think, well I could work in tescos and stack shelves for more than I could get paid with some lawyer jobs. There are jobs for newly qualifieds as they are cheap, but no real advancement prospects. For someone like me with circa 12 years experience in the law it is really difficult finding at job at that salary level when employers prefer to higher NQs for cheap.