Sunday, 7 September 2008

Job update

Well, the final integration stage at the firm will take place on 19th September 2008. The word is that "no decisions have been made yet" about my role. I am on one weeks notice so they could still get rid of me at short notice.

I will wait and see. I have made some enquiries about the market with agencies and it is all doom and gloom. The only gigs available are the ones that no one else wants out in the sticks and for crap money. I have no choice at the moment but to stick it out and see if they keep me on after the 19th September.

So I will wait and see.....


Jack said...
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Jack said...

Here's hoping it all works out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Claire

I found your blog through Phil's site (glad he is back too!). I'm also in the quest to financial freedom and recently took the dive by ditching my job. Keep posting!


Claire said...

Hi Fernando!

Thanks for posting.

Well done for ditching the job! How did you do it?