Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Daily thoughts

Do you ever feel like you are on the outside looking in to the inside?

I read somewhere that if do not see yourself as part of society then you have a problem. I've never really seen myself as part of anything.

Human beings are apparently social animals. I think that must be true. Although as I get older I find social gatherings and even sometimes people in general to be hardwork. I feel that I have nothing in common with most people and cannot relate to them. But this cannot surely be true.

For example work relationships are odd ones. If you see the same person/people day in day out then they may become a close confident, someone to go to lunch with etc. But the reality is that work relationships are transient and superficial. The only thing you usually have in common is WORK. Yes, I accept there are exceptions.

Then there is the state of the economy. Cant trust politicians, banks the government/wall street. How do you beat the system? How do you stop working for the man? Is there a way out? I believe there is, but it requires independence of mind, determination and focus. Oh and possibly social isolation.

I'm not really sure where I am going with this post its just a reflection of what has been on my mind lately.


Jack said...

I think you can come to some happy medium between socializing and getting out from under the man. But I do think it requires a great deal of focus to do it. What I've come to realize (although I have yet to fully accept) is that making the journey as fun as possible is probably the only way to go forward. And for me, that means tapping into some of that socializing.


Jerry Critter said...

Is it possible that part of your desire to move is due to your lack of social interactions? Unfortunately moving to the US is not going to change that nor are you going to get away from politicians, banks/wall street, and a system that you cannot trust.

Claire said...

Jack - agreed

JC - I had to think about your question. My answer is that it is a factor. However, there are a dozen reasons why I want to escape Britain and why ideally I would like to relocate to the US/Canada. Its true I do feel socially isolated sometimes, Its true I have no ties or no affection for this country - other than I really miss the food when I am not here. But its one factor and not the main driving force.