Friday, 16 July 2010


Well less than 2 weeks to go now until the escape.

I have been sorting out the bank accounts and putting money aside into an easy access account. I have thrown a lot of stuff out.

Today I made enquiries with an estate agent about the possibility of a 6 month apartment rental in north west Mallorca. If we could get it at the right price I think we may go for it. Browsing on the internet this morning it just caught my eye. Bang on the sea front with beautiful vistas in a quiet residential area, adults only. The sea at the front and the pine woods and mountains at the back. The trouble is that I don't really want to commit to 6 months. I really would prefer 3 months but I think that a short term agreement would cost me a lot more. Anyway lets just see how it goes. I've put the feeler out and its no big deal if they don't go for it. We still plan on going to Mallorca in September for at least a few months irrespective of whether we enter into a long term rental agreement.

After being land locked in a gritty urban area in the North West for so long I am desperate to be live near the coast for a while. Being near the ocean makes me feel different, calmer more zen.

The beauty about planning to go to Mallorca is that I dont need a visa, I can stay as along as I want, I can buy a one way flight (which is what I plan to do) and they wont throw me out if I overstay. I can just turn up and go with the flow. We also plan to spend some time in Menorca and Ibiza.

I just want to go NOW.


Jerry Critter said...

:) Always the impatient one!

OlivAmor said...

A great choice! I haven't been there for a number of years but I think you will like it. Best of luck!

Retired Syd said...

Sounds pretty fabulous . . .

Frank C said...

I'm looking at this blog site and I emailed Dreamer some advice.

This advice of course only works for two people, no kids.

With children you may need to buy a house, RV, or big boat, that means back to the rat race.

Reading the comments of other people it seems that so many want to escape the rat race. So I'll tell you what I told her. Just buy a white cargo van throw some camping equipment into it with a nice bed. No need for insulation or carpet more easier to clean and great for the sinus no mold build up. Buy a large plastic storage bin to bathe in. Heat water with propane or alcohol stove/heater 5000-Btu's. Stay away from snow weather if you can.

With this type of vehicle you can blend in and park almost anywhere, no rent to pay, few bills, saves lots of money, gives you the great freedom you want. You can't do this with an RV because the police will be knocking on your door telling you to go to an RV park and pay rent. Put seald agm deep cycle batteries inside and you will have electric power, you can have all the comforts of an RV with a low-top van for a fraction of the cost of an RV. Don't put a fiberglass extension top on it very hard to keep new plus will look like a camper van for the police.

Many people travel all over Europe by van in the U.S. they are called vandwellers and many want to live in their vans for life. Only because it's better than being a slave to a boss, your banker, and a 30 to 40 years of life sucking house payments that you mostly sleep in so when you wake you head to your hell hole job day after day, after day. This is a life, what a joke, all so you can buy more shit, think about it.

For more info on this subject go to and a friend, Frank

Dreamer said...

Jerry, you know me well:)

Oliv, thanks I think the island is misunderstood by the Brits, far more to it than english fry ups!

Syd, thanks:)

Frank, Hello and welcome to the blog. Thank you for posting and your suggestions, I will take a look at your e mail and respond. I would LOVE to RV/van dwell full time but the climate here in the uk and the rest of europe is a problem in the winter. I cant get a visa to live in the states. Property here in the UK is so expensive and what you actually get for your money is a tiny box, its not worth it. If you want to own somewhere with space away from the crowds somewhere rurual or semi rural it takes BIG money.

Tony said...

All very exciting stuff - good luck for your well-deserved break!

On Frank C's comment - there's a photographer out there who does something like that - he's turned a van into his home/office - Google Trevor Clark photography. It's a pretty cool setup.

Frank C said...

I made a mistake and placed a comment under your blog - Can't Live Any Where, so check it out, but it's still a good place for it.

A friend, Frank

laura said...

So exciting and Mallorca is a great choice :-)

Alice ~ writer, dreamer, traveller ~ said...

I can't wait to see how things go! Very exciting, I hope you will keep us all updated :-)

As for wanting "to own somewhere with space away from the crowds somewhere rurual or semi rural it takes BIG money."

well, in my opinion a boat is the only way to fly... or cruise ;-)

Dreamer said...

Alice, Im seriously thinking about a boat, we have never been on a narrow boat so we wonder whether we can live with the small space, and we wonder how we would get on in winter etc. I know you can hire them so I think that is what we will do first.

I've stayed on a boat for a week once (motorboat)2 berth and loved it but it was summer and we spent a lot of time on the deck, I wonder how we would get on 12 months of the year but then I think it wouldnt really need to be 12 months because would probably want to spent the winter abroad.

Frank C said...

Whene you go on your boat adventure try to take some photos. I think we would all like to see some photos of the U.K.'s water-ways or canals. Just an idea though this is up to you.

Bye, Frank C

Alice ~ writer, dreamer, traveller ~ said...

Dreamer... admittedly in the summer it is glorious on the canals - out on deck with a drink, watching the wildlife... but having lived in a camper during a dark English winter, I know that equally we will love the winter. Cosied up with the fire going, reading, watching movies... we could learn a lot from animals going into hibernation ;-) We look at it as time to really wind down and recharge. And anyway, as you say, it's doubtful that you will be spending 12 months on a boat! we plan to have a little place in Portugal eventually so we can split time.

Definitely hire out a boat and see if you like it - we have FINALLy got to the stage of having more living space and it is enough for us. Probably to others it isn't, but you have to think about: what do you 'need'????

I'll email you some photos at some point! HOW EXCITING... you are nearly at the point of starting your new adventure towards freedom xxx