Tuesday, 4 May 2010

No Going Back

DH and I have given 3 months notice to our employers.

Our apartment lease is up on 10th August.

It still doesnt feel real. I still worry about money and other associated things.


Alice ~ writer, dreamer, traveller ~ said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fabulous. I imagine you will feel scared, apprehensive, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, happy, sad (I know we did!)... but I bet that once you get on board with this new journey it will unravel in ways you never expected and at the end (although really, is there an end once you get on board? hmmmm!) you will feel much more in tune with the life you desire. Bon Courage! x

laura@mtp said...

Yay from me too! From your posts it's always seemed like you need to do this; go for it, and like Alice says once you're living it, you'll never look back
the very, very best of luck :-)

Anna said...

Wooohoooo! How exciting. We're stuck here until October - but then, who knows?

Dreamer said...

Alice, yes happy and scared, its something we really need to do, im hoping something will appear along the way as you say x

Laura, thanks :) i've been guilty of inertia, im trying to switch off the spreadsheet part of my brain and just go with the flow and believe that we will always be OK as long as DH and I have each other

Anna, thanks :)

OlivAmor said...

Congrats & best of luck to you! Keep us informed on this new phase of your escape!

A Reformed Manager of Money said...

Wow you did it! Good for you. You just inspired me even more to take steps to where we need to be. I can't wait to be able to do the same thing: sell the house, sell the stuff, get into the RV and hit the road. How exciting. :) Have you decided on a permanent residence once you leave the UK?

Dreamer said...

Hi RMM, to be honest I cant see us having a permanent residence for some time if at all. At the moment I am thinking about houses on water or houses on wheels, but none of those really fill me with inspiration. If I lived in the USA I would do as you plan to do and buy a big RV to live in. You can do it there you have the climate, I cant really see it working here, we dont have the climate etc.

Although we are looking at long term stay in Devon, the rent would be half of what we pay now. I really want to try and find a permanent solution and I am concerned about the rising cost of rents and utilities, living on water or on wheels we would have very little by way of bills.

Tony said...

Fantastic news. Remember, the really important changes often feel the scariest.

What are your immediate plans after leaving work - you mentioned a possible trip to California?

Let us know how it all goes!

cher79 said...

This sounds exciting! Congratulations and best of luck to you. :-)

Dreamer said...

Olive and Cher, thanks:)

Tony, well immediate plans are that we are housesitting for a friend for 2 weeks, then going to take a trip down to Devon and the gower for a few weeks to have a look around, then in september we are going abroad for a month, still undecided where to go:) Then after that, not sure, maybe back to the UK looking at rentals in Devon for 6 months or maybe abroad again. Havent booked anything yet, most important thing is to get out of here first.

A guy from England said...

Hurrrah! Good for you, you won't avoid the doubts we found them almost crippling at times but I can assure you it's all worth it in the end!

Best wishes,

Ben @ www.movingtoportugal.org