Thursday, 1 April 2010

Would it be so bad if....

Back to the issue of where to go and what to do after The Escape.

Actually, we know what we want to do and what we don't want to do. We want to live again and enjoy life, to rest for a while, to think and to just be. We want to cook, to while away the hours whilst enjoying beautiful scenery. We want to enjoy the great outdoors. We want to be close the sea and close the countryside.

We have decided that we are not really interested in travelling per se, i.e we have no desire to go travelling round Australia or Asia for example. To be honest, DH and I are not very good travellers. We love the Mediterranean. There are parts of the USA that we really want to see such as North California, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.

Cost is also a factor. Lately I have been thinking as to whether it would be so bad if we had a little base in Devon or Somerset? Just somewhere small we could rent for several months and go on extended trips from there. Its funny because when I originally started writing this blog I had visions and ambitions of sailing away from the UK on a plane somewhere with two fingers stuck in the air, ha!

I still want to spend the end of the summer this year and the few months of autumn somewhere in the Mediterranean. DH and I don't like the heat so we need to wait until it cools down.

We are also thinking about the option of housesitting and I am sure that we will do this one day. But for now, we think that we might need to have a something with no commitments or timetables etc.

Nothing is set in stone for now.


A Reformed Manager of Money said...

Devon and Somerset are beautiful towns from what I remember. I spent my honeymoon in Cornwall and just loved it down there. A base in the west country would be a great idea. You'll be away from the city and you can plan all your excursions from there. How does it feel to be quitting the 9 to 5?

Dreamer said...

RMM - it feels exciting and scary. The thing is about the 9 - 5 is that its not just the job, its everything you have to do to maintain the 9 - 5, ie live in a particular place etc etc, i really CANNOT STAND where i live anymore, i realise that i despair of the situation and the place, the worse thing is that we have no support structure, ie no family or other, i really cant wait to get out of this rat race, every day the pot is simmering and once in a while it boils over and sometimes it drives me to drink. I cant wait to get out of jail.

Anna said...

It's SO GREAT that you've sold the flat. That's the primary barrier to a new liberated life - and you've done it! A rented base, anywhere, is better than being trapped in a location you hate. SW is a bit difficult to travel from? What about somewhere like Brighton?

Dreamer said...

Anna - not sure about brighton it still looks a bit urban to me - also too many people there, too built up, is it somewhere thats trying to be london by the sea? I think im trying to get away from "all that". Re Devon, somewhere near exeter - there is an airport in exeter I'm not sure where they fly to from there - I know i can get to spain from there :)

Anna said...

Yeah, you're right - London by the Sea... maybe that's why I haven't looked seriously in the town. Just don't know where we're going in October!