Sunday, 8 February 2009

What to do with the mortgage

Since the financial crisis and the drop in interest rates our mortgage payment has dropped by £270.00 per month.

We are now paying £680.00 per month. We have a repayment mortgage.

This is a substantial saving. We are on a 2 year "tracker" deal.

But in December 2009 our deal expires. Its likely that our repayments would shoot back up again.

So at the moment I am thinking of dumping some cash off the mortgage when our deal expires. This would drastically reduce our monthly repayments. I am getting quite excited because I think wouldn't it be great to have a mortgage payment which is less than £500.00 per month.

But when I think about the rising costs of food the wind is taken out of my sails a bit. The thing is, our house payment is not really our biggest outgoing. We seem to be spending a lot more on food than we used to.

I think that sometimes the idea of paying off ones mortgage is overrated. Of course if you have a great whacking monthly payment then yes I can see the attraction of getting rid of it.

But I would still like to pay off a chunk off our mortgage. We are not able to get any interest off our savings so we might as well pay it off the mortgage.