Friday, 2 January 2009


Post Christmas slump I can feel the black cloud approaching me.

I can feel the demons circling again up overhead. They are chanting.

They are chanting the usual messages of insecurity. They tell me that the future is dangerous and uncertain and doomed to failure. They tell me that I am alone, isolated and two steps from deprivation. They tell me that the only person that is good, wonderful and secure in my life can be snatched away from me in a moment.

"Face it" they say, "you are no good, worthless, useless and all alone."


Jerry Critter said...

One thing about the future -- it will never come. The future is always tomorrow,or the day after tomorrow, or the day after the day.... You get the idea.

Look at what you have today, it is a better predictor of your next day. And today you are not alone, not useless, not worthless,...

Anonymous said...

Right before a person is going to experience a wonderful breakthrough and live a fantastic life, the devil always slips in and tries to foil you. Don't fall for it! Fight it! Tell the devil to get lost.

You're going to have your great life! It's right there within sight.

Say a little prayer, ask for strength and voila''ll be there! I promise!

Tom said...

Remember that they are Liars, incapable of telling the truth !!

Dreamer said...

Jerry - thanks, thats good advice.

Morrison and Tom, thanks for your support