Friday, 5 December 2008

Its cold out there

Well its been just over 2 months since my last gig finished.

Things on the job front are looking pretty bleak. The permanent job market is worse than ever, lots of graduates, NQ's, i.e. cheap labour forcing the market down. As if that wasn't bad enough it seems that as a result of the recession there are simply more candidates for each job.

The locum market, well this has changed. One of the reasons why I liked locum work was the lack of any real recruitment process. For the last two years I haven't stopped working. I was used to finishing one gig on a Friday and having the recruitment agency on the phone asking me could I go to X firm on Monday. Now it seems that for some reason there is an interview process for locum jobs. There also seem to be more candidates going for locum jobs.

I have had to lower my hourly rate by about £5.00 per hour to remain competitive. I don't wish to brag but I really know my stuff and I will work hard. But I have to be competitive or I will price myself out of the already tight market.

The only gigs that have come up recently are jobs across the other side of the country or jobs where I cannot commute to on a daily basis. The difficulty is that by the time I pay for travel/food and digs it is simply not worth my while taking these jobs away from home. Just yesterday an agency phoned me about a job in the London area. Now surprisingly locum work in London does NOT pay more than what I can get up north. Permanent jobs OTOH in London pay a lot more. I worked out roughly in my head that my expenses would probably come in at say £400.00 per week. That's a lot of money. Not worth my while.

So what to do, what to do. Christmas is fast approaching so it is unlikely that I will get a start for January now.

The hardest part of being unemployed for me has not been the loss of money but the sheer bloody boredom and isolation. I am a transplant. I did not grow up where I live. I don't know anyone other than my DH of course. I need to change this and develop a social outlet. I have been thinking of joining a social club. Problem is, I'm not good with large groups of people. I prefer smaller more intimate connections with people.


The Executioner said...

Make the most of this opportunity. Find something that requires a stretch of restricted time and do it. Depending on the season, if I lost my job I'd be inclined to go on a long-distance hike (several months of backpacking). I'm not saying you should definitely do that, but find something that suits you and take advantage of your temporary freedom. Those of us stuck working for a living would kill for the opportunity to take a sabbatical. Treat this as such and perhaps you'll enjoy it more.

MoneyBlogga said...

My line of work has taken a major hit too given the state of the US economy right now. I decided to take some classes at the university to perhaps make myself more marketable job wise. Although I've been self employed for years, I wouldn't mind returning to the corporate life if the opportunity presented itself. I'm also taking a screenplay writing class beginning in February. It's a small class, taught by a Hollywood producer type. Should be fun. I've always wanted to learn how to write a screenplay. Who knows? I may be able to make it my next line of work LOL. Hollywood's right down the street. Stay tuned :P

Dreamer said...

Hi Executioner - yeah a sabbatical would be great, if I was single but I cant leave poor DH slaving away at work whilst i go off - it would be good if he could come with me - zero chance of him getting away from work for a sabbatical, he would have to resign - not practical in this economy

Moneyblogga - I love the thought of the screenplay writing class - I'd like to come with you to your classes but its a bit far for me to come LOL

Anonymous said...

I just joined a few groups. One is a sewing club. There 1st meeting will be in January. It's a new hobby and I'll be meeting new people. Also joined a group discussion. Today is my 1st meeting with them.

My library has a few things going on like: Scrabble (the game) Day, book clubs, writing groups, etc.

I peruse my local paper (for free @the library) to check out what;s happening.