Thursday, 7 August 2008

Escape to where....?

Having investigated the limited immigration options I cannot see a viable escape plan to North Amercia.

The visa options. There are no options. We are not skilled workes, we do not have family to sponser us, we have no prospect of getting sponsered by an employer (too many lawyers in north america already), we do not want to give away $500k for an investment visa.

The tourist visa - we can stay 3 months in the US or 6 months in Canada.

I wanted somewhere to put down roots, buy some land/a house live in a small town be part of a community. Because of stupid immigration rules the best that we will be able to do would be to buy a holiday home in North America. But how practical is that? Not very. I wouldnt be able to keep animals or keep my garden with having go back and forth all the time.


Jack said...

Urggg...And here I am, thinking about getting OUT of north america...BTW, plenty of English speakers in Spain, Portugal and even costa rica...


Jerry Critter said...

It is not so much the place you move to as the place you create around you.

claire said...


Its the heat with spain, portugal and dont know that much about costa rica, I had set my heart on living in north america, I like the atmosphere and the people - are you looking for a wife? Me like green card... Ha Ha


True to a point, but surroundings limit what you can create

Jerry Critter said... can't grow bananas in the arctic, but while surroundings may limit what you can create, creativity can change surrounding limitations. You need to build a greenhouse!